duminică, 12 septembrie 2010


Your bloodlust looks pierces my bare skin, protruding right through my flesh. The sweet blood pulsing through these thick blue veins. These thick blue veins beneath the soft skin of my wrist. You dragged your tongue up my arm, the warm, smooth breath burned my cold hands. But I wanted more. And you wanted what was below the skin. Pulsing through me, keeping me alive. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears; I could feel it beating beneath my fingertips. Bloodlust...
Let me feed on your blood. 'Cause you already have mine. The saline fragrance fills the air, while my vamped eyes struggle in the orbits to see through the dilated pupils of lust. I need it. I grasped your hand. Don't look at me. My teeth can't pierce through skin or flesh... But I push my needle right in your vein... I am stealing your blood, letting it slowly drip into my mouth. With every single drop, I feel your poisoned desire... With every single drop, you feel life being sucked away.
As you hold a rose in your soft palm, the petals brimming with life remind you of yourself. You're reminded of your own intentions by the thorns gracing inside. Hit me with your venom words. I moved my lips to your main artery, it was so close. Yet so far away. One bite and it'd all be mine. All that bloodlust... I couldn't live without it. It kept me alive.
Such a saline aroma pervades the air as your ghostly kisses delight my skin. Blood stil pours from your mark. Tell me, as these claws drawed your blood, how did it feel, for your damnation to succumb ?
So, as of now, in bloodied lust and frenzy, you whisper to me.
My eyes shiver immensely in their orbits. My breathing dulls to silence and then to nothing. My mouth hangs open in response to your fierce strangle, dragging along in my mind. My ears can't hear you clearly, yet a stream of frequency is percepted. These words echo in my head "I'm going to rip out your heart and show it to your dying eyes." Say it. Can you? Your hatred stripped me and left me naked. Whispers rang in my ears as I tried to hide.
Watching the droplets adorn it's leaf, forever staining it crimson. I see the raining blood running down your face, staining your arms... Your red-stained hands...With those warm long fingers you take my face in your hands. A rose bush flowers black, as the night through the red showers. Stain me with your blood. Let me bathe in your sweet, black roses scented blood. While crimson slivers make their way on delicate features, your eyes turn dead and depthless.
I reached up, to kiss your neck. I breathed in the delicious smell, and felt the blood pounding once again. I let my teeth graze against your neck, and my lips kissed your neck once more. I nibbled slightly, and I heard you breath out a moan. Your body pushed against mine. We both wanted the same thing.
'Your eyes... These eyes are begging for pain... For the pain of my bites' you said.
'This sweet pain wills me forward, you follow my shadow to the end, wanting to hold the memory in the light. One day it will fade to black.' I told your body drenched in scarlet hues that bait me by the way blood flows down your chest. The red stained eyes... my pupils can't help but focus on, creating double vision and a severe headache. You're back. Staring at the ceiling for eternity, I feel your lost, grey gaze.
That is how you became the beast with bloody desires that curse him. Lay your hauntingly human sins on me. You already have the throne of lies in the heart of this evil city. Doomed to be bound by the body caging him... Your flesh craved for me.
The mornings' bloody red fog lingers below the window. You hold your hand to the sky. The blood dripping on your face as you hold the thorny rose tight. As the sun begins to set, the rose begins to wither, its beauty crumpling with the day, its velvet petals wrinkling brown. I want to feel the light again, though I'm already dying.
He closed his eyes as his face vanished.
Even his peaceful smile deserted him.
His red torso that was given strength of a thousand men turned to ash.
The legs that rode along the streets and filled them with terror were gone.
Smoke and flames devoured the empty city as we turned to ashes.

Let me feed on your blood again.
I'll let you soak me in your bloodbath whenever you ask.
Copyright © Lex

Scris intr-un delir nebun, aproape absurd prin prisma unei minti insangerate de intunericul noptii, cu gust de sange dulce-amar.  
Drinking: Blood
Listening: Lamb of God - Blood Junkie
    Lamb of God - Vigil
Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna
My Chemical Romance - Blood [in amintirea vremurilor ce au fost si nu se vor intoarce. Betie cantand 'Blood' cu accent rusesc:))]

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