marți, 28 septembrie 2010

Death Is The Road We Awe

Stransoare malefica... Precipitat acid... Zambet de morfina...
Un singur sentiment a ramas. Acela care naste si omoara tot. Acela care imi naste sperante si-mi omoara teama. Daca ar putea el sa-mi omoare si suferinta… Acea suferinta pricinuita de lipsa de intelegere. De teama. Si nu de teama mea, caci tu stii ca eu nu ma tem de nimic. De teama lor. Teama ca din mine poate iesi moarte, distrugere, vandalizare, devastare. Ei nu inteleg ca pe acestea le tin sub control. Ca ura mea e rationalizata. Ca durerea ce o aduc constient e controlata. E utila, fecunda. E pura.

A broken violin: strings trembling, whispering death. As the notes fell in its cold embrace, the bow is drawn across them. A deep forlorn note echoes sorrowfully, passionately lowing the flow of armony. Pure poison made of love. Painfuly telling a story, a bitter-sweet melody in the wistful winds. Maybe we have no reason to fret, for death might be a wondrous quartet.
Another piece dies, losing another chunk, the keys being stroked. Violently screaming its sonata, while the full moon rises upon the crimson velvet growls. Red hues striking the heart with their beat. Angelic creeping from their coffin, they dance on the keys. Heavenly, they smooth the sound, the scent of blossom drifted me and swayed calmly with the music. Slowly, the gorgeous sound decreased into a balance of rhythms...
The poisonous kiss fills our hearts. Longing for oxygen, struggling in the bliss of hydrogen, you ask for the punishment of your sins. Let the arsenic trioxide pour, drain me in hydrogen cyanide. I should bathe in sulfuric acid, cause its the fire of our heart that burns my flesh. Skin crawling for your plutonium hands. Asphyxiate me with your nitrogen breath. I want to die in your arms, high on tetrahydrocannabinol. Chlorine looks, you want my carbonised corpse, I want to feel your warm organic redox reaction like you're the tetrachloride and I'm just methane powerfuly reacting. Neutralize me like we're both just hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions.
Luminous strings of purity spring from our chemistry. Calm blossoms of toxic and hazardous waste blooming from our minds. This sensation will sweep us. Our soul will revive, dance spirit across the acid rain. Drench us in our power, beneath the butanol shower. Hands cuffed to your desire of benzoyl peroxide as we're swam away by life, we swim in the river of liquid helium.
'The water touches her lips,
eyes widened as she sips,
never felt so pure,
the water was her cure.'

Death is growing in my heart, as I feel you craving for my body.

Listening to     My Chemical Romance - Demolition Lovers
                      Lamb of God - Hourglass
                      Nightwish - Cadence of Her Last Breath
                      Dark Tranquillity - We Are the Void
                      Dir en Grey - Ain't Afraid To Die
                      Dir en Grey - Rain
                      Dir en Grey - Tsumi to Batsu
                      Nirvana - Marijuana
                      Nirvana - Smell like teen spirit
                      Bloodbath - Cancer of the Soul
                      Bathory - Call from the Grave

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